Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Sweet Bridal Shower

August 2011
 My wonderful matron of honor (Bess) blessed me with a 
bridal shower in her cozy home.

 I am wearing my mini-veil and enjoying
spending time with all my Girlies.

(We see you Miss Tracy)


Bess is a wonder in the kitchen
and made tasty snacks and treats! 

Everything was



Thursday, July 28, 2011

YIKES!!~ There is Only One Week Till: THE WEDDING!!

 The invitations are done,
The venue is set,
The food is lined up,
The DJ is hired,

We are getting close to
So, would you like to meet the wedding party??

 These fine young fellows were
two of my favorite students.
Cooper & Spencer will be our "Ring Bears"
Yes, I spelled that right......
That is what they think and
I am sticking with it!!

 This little beauty having a snack with Lucky was
another one of my favorite students.
Willa will be a Flower Girl.
Her mom, Kara, will be our Videographer
 and one of our Photographers.

 Of course my son, Jesse will be a Groomsman.
Here he is with our other
Flower Girl.
Abby is my cousin Aaron's daughter.

 My daughter, Holly is a Bridesmaid
 and has been assisting the Matron of Honor.
 She should really have the title of
Maid of Honor, under Bess.
Here she is in her dress for the wedding.
(She wore it to her senior prom this Spring)

 This is our Best Man & Matron of Honor,
Royce & Bess Waxenfelter.
Royce is my cousin and Bess is his wife.
(and my close friend)
They are the one's that introduced me & Tony!
Thank you, guys!!

 This is Groomsman and Bridesmaid
Josh & Christine Wolfer.
Josh is Tony's cousin and Christine is his wife.

 This sweet Bridesmaid is Hannah.
She has been Holly's best friend
since elementary school.
She is like a second daughter to me. I am so happy
she gets to share our special day with us.

 This dapper Groomsman is Bill Maier.
He is Royce's step-son,
and a very good friend of Tony's.
 Here is Jeslyn...I love her name,
it is her parents middle names put together!
She is a Bridesmaid and my cousin Grady's daughter.

 This Groomsman is Tony's big brother Allan Sherlock.
He also lives in Cali, not too far from where we will be.
He is a pretty serious athlete....

We are so excited we get to spend our special day
with  so many people we love.
I know I still have so much to get done,
but I have lots of good help.
I can't wait to decorate the venue, and to see
all our friends visiting and having
a good time together.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The romance heats up!

 In Hawaii in August!
A bunch of his family went to Kona to celebrate
his dad, Jim and step-mom, Bonnie's
25th wedding anniversary.

Tony being a "local"

 We toured the Kona Brewing Company.
After we saw how they make it, we got to
do a beer tasting....FUN!

 We celebrated his brother Allan's birthday while there

 Tony and I at South Point.
It was really windy that day
(hence my hair, hehee!)

 Glamour Gals of the Rain Forest
Korine, Christine & Me

 Helicopter ride over the lava flows...FUN!

 Akaka Falls

Tony rockin' the hula with the pro's at the Luau.
Shake it, Babe!!

Hawaii is
very romantic!!
We had an amazing time.
It was a fun way to get to know his family,
and we still found a little time for just us.
By the time we got back....I was ready to be done with
our long distance relationship.
(I lived in Central Oregon, he in Portland)
Must be time for a move!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So...just who are we anyway??

Well, I am going to tell you.....
I am Sue and that handsome guy is Tony.

This blog is about the love we have found and the new life we are building together.

We met first online thru my cousin Royce's facebook wall.
I was wanting tickets for a Muse concert
and they were sold out in Seattle.

This guy, "Tony" pipes up....
"Well, I think you can still get them for the Rose Garden".

Huh, what??? Muse in Portland??

Three months later we both attended that concert.


We actually met for the first time,
the next day at Royce and his lovely wife, Bess's church.

It was Easter Sunday, 2010.

Yeah....don't get excited yet!

I was still married, even though my kid's dad and I had not lived as husband and wife for years.

Tony is 15 years younger than me.

Would he be interested?

We did become Facebook friends though.

After a bit, we started to get a little flirtatious.

We went on a get to know you date on June 12, 2010

And as they say....
"The rest is history"

But, don't worry..
I will share that with you too!

Sunday, June 26, 2011